White Birdball peanut feeder

The peanut feeder provides garden birds with a reliable source of food. Its simple and stylish design offers safe, year-round feeding for birds. Specifically designed to allow small birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatchers, finches and woodpeckers to feed yet deter larger birds and squirrels with its gravity-fed feeding slot, glossy surface and unique flexi perch™ system.

It keeps nuts dry, is easy to clean, easy to fill, weather-proof, prevents damage to birds feet and beaks that can be caused by mesh and wire.

Complete with stainless steel wire, tree protector and detailed instructions.

Green and Blue.

Slipcast in clay. Stainless steel wire.
Manufactured in the UK.

155mm Diameter.

Usually ships within 3-5 days.

£39.95 plus p&p

To order by telephone call 01872 858787

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White Birdball Peanut Feeder
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