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      A journalist recently wrote that "sixties Brutalism is alive and well with Green&Blue's concrete bee hotels, and planters."   beepot bee hotel by green and blue inspired by the brutalist movement   The brutalist movement flourished in the 1960s-1970s. The term has been used to describe a type of architecture which is ugly and austere and commonly thought of as the back bone of welfare state architecture of the time, however this "truth to materials" approach was anti-aesthetic. Reynar Banham (Architecture critic) dubbed the post war school 'the New Brutalism', a movement which aimed, in his words, to "make the whole conception of the building plain and comprehensible. No mystery, no romanticism, no obscurities about function and circulation."   bee-friendly-planting-concrete-bee-hotel   Our designs endeavour to evoke a sense of simplicity through their functionality, their material longevity and purpose. We hope the juxtaposition between concrete and delicate planting providing sustenance to nurture the next generation of solitary bees will long out last the brutalist movement.   Green&Blue bee hotel stockist the Hepworth Gallery   Green&Blue stockist the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield.

    Case Study: Bee brick used in extension

      Bee brick is a simple way to increase provision for wildlife and nature in your new build, extension, landscaping or development, and they can even be retrofitted.   Claire-Kruse-bee-brick-case-study   These images were sent to us by a customer in North Wiltshire who built a single unit into her extension project last year. Claire said "I saw them advertised just before we started our project and the brick was put in when we extended last year. I Wish I'd bought more now!"   Claire-Kruse-bee-brick-in-extension-image-2   On Instagram Claire has shared the image above which clearly shows several cavities are now occupied this year by nesting solitary bees.   Claire-Kruse-bee-brick-in-action-image-3   If you're embarking on a building project and want to do something to make your build that bit more sustainable and eco-friendly then you could create habitat for solitary bees by using bee brick. Find out more about solitary bees here and request more information or a quote for using bee brick here.