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    Wild bee action kit

      Summer holidays are here and young minds are seeking inspiration, knowledge, and as much TV and ice cream as they can get away with! We think it's the perfect time to inspire the children and encourage them to aspire to be the next David Attenborough, or whoever the "youth" YouTube equivalent is today! Young minds are passionate, caring and interested, ready to learn. This summer holidays why not print out the bee identification guide above and take it out with you for a game of spot the bee, they won't even realise they're learning about the 250+ species of wild bees we have in the UK alone, and if the reward for a full house comes in a cone and melts in the sun then all the better for our budding wildlife enthusiasts!   leafcutter Wild bee nesting in bee brick If you head over to the Wild about Gardens website you'll discover a Wild Bee action kit which is packed with facts and information and even a guide to making your own solitary bee hotel, let those bees come to you to be spotted! Kids (and grown ups) will love watching the bees nest and looking out for full cavities and bees carrying leaves they've cut themselves! Download the Wild Bee action kit here   Read about gardens you can visit to play spot the bee here   Shop Green&Blue's collection of bee houses here.