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    Big Garden Birdwatch

    This weekend, 30th-31st January, sees the world's largest wildlife survey happen again, and it's all down to you getting involved. It's the perfect reason to get out into your garden for the weekend, round up the kids, call the grandparents in and get counting nature.   rspb-birdwatch-event[1]   The data you count will be fed into one central system by the RSPB and will give us valuable insight into the current state of affairs in the gardens and fields of Britain. Last year the house sparrow was the top bird, who will it be this year and will you spot a rare star visitor? It's a great reason to get outside and particularly good to get children enthused about birds and other wildlife. Find last years results here.   bird-on-seed-feeder-by-green-and-blue   So go and visit the RSPB website and download your free pack and get set to count. We'd love to hear how you get on, find us on Facebook, twitter or instagram and tell us what you saw. Enjoy.