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    Gifts for the Father Figure in your life!

    Our range of bee homes make the best gifts for Dad or for the person filling the father role in your life.

    If your loved one loves their garden, nature or simply building, we've put together our edit of what we think are the best presents with nature in mind... if we do say so ourselves!

    The GreenandBlue BeeBrick® £32.00

    Our classic building block for building a garden wall, retrofitting into a house, or simply for placing in your garden as a home for bees if your father figure isn't a mortar-mixing fan!. Site it in a south-facing position and watch the stripy females buzz in and out making their nests.

    Buy a bee brick here

    Three Bee bricks in white, red and charcoal being held in the hands of a male who is wearing a blue jumper

    Bees Block £49.00

    Go one bigger and host around three times the number of solitary bees in our beautiful big, square Bees Block! Our Solitary bee houses are designed to be built into the wall but also look spectacular as a freestanding feature. Receiving this weighty box will give the wow factor!

    Buy Bees Block here.

    Small Bee Block £21.00

    A great way to engage kids with parents and to spend time together learning about bees! Because solitary bees don't sting, they are safe to encourage around kids and animals and provide a mesmerising focus point in the garden to relax and watch. 

    Build it into a wall, retrofit or place in a sunny spot near plants. 

    Buy a Small Bee Block here


    Seedbom bee bomb wildflower seeds £4.50

    Perfect for guerilla gardening without getting your Dad-figure into trouble!

    Seedboms from Kabloom are designed to provide a wildflower mix created for birds, bees and butterflies and give a feast to your bees right on their doorstep! Buy a selection to add a diverse range of colour to the garden or add on with a bee brick, bee block or any other bee house so that the bees can have their own garden. Think of it as the personal garden for bee parents!

    Seedbom wildflower seeds can be found here.

    Beevive - bee revival kit £10.99

    A pick me up for tired bees! Sometimes our bees can't get around because there aren't enough flowers to provide the energy for their journey. In the absence of a nearby flower, your father figure will be able to administer emergency sustenance to a hungry bee direct from their keyring so that they can carry on their flight in style.

    Save bees anywhere, anytime by following the link here to Beevive.

    'The bee book' - Field Guide to the bees of Great Britain and Ireland £35.00

    Have you been asking your Dad endless questions about bees that he can't answer? Now you can learn together and swot up together on the bees you see! This indispensible guide to bee species is invaluable on its own and even better given along with a bee brick or block.

    'The Bee Book' as it's informally known, is written by professional naturalist and conservationist, Steven Falk, who has over forty years’ experience of working with bees and illustrated by Richard Lewington, one of Europe’s leading insect artists.n It is ideal for those who are just starting to learn about bees, and for those who are documenting and recording their bee sightings 

    Swot up on bees together, buy the bee book here.


    Last order dates for Father’s Day deliveries

    The last order date to arrive in time for any of our in-stock products is Wednesday 15th June 2022 at midnight.

    We strive to get orders out as quickly as is feasible, but if you are placing orders for larger items such as a Modern Bird Bath, SwiftBlock or BeePost, please note that there may be a lead time, so please refer to the product listing for lead times if you want to check that your order will be delivered in time for Father’s Day.

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    WIN Father's Day

    Interested in winning a bee house and garden for Father's Day? We'll be launching a giveaway competition on our Instagram channel until 14th June, so make sure you're following us there to take part in it!