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Classic Cornish ride, a fine tan, indeed!

 Written by a dear friend and true consummate log slider saved here 
because ebay listings like this just don't happen nearly enough!

Late 60’s Vintage Bilbo
Your limousine has arrived!
Behold....... a vintage late 60’s Ten foot Bilbo ‘twin stick’ Longboard
You are bidding for one vintage 1960’s Bilbo twin stringer surfboard shown in the photos and described below

 Talkin’ about dimensions... (All approximate);

·         Length: 10’1/4” (we are talking long, baby)

·         Width: 22” (midpoint)

·         Nose: 161/2” (12” back from the tip)

·         Tail: 14” (12” up from the tail)

·         Thickness:  3”+

·         Fin:  Single 8” high with a vast  9” base – swept profile  - tip extends just past tail

·         Stringers: Two 3/8” offset wood stringers (13½” internal measurement between stringers)

·         Weight: Heavy Man, way heavy.....this monument to 60’s British surf design weighs in at around 30lbs+!

(Condition detailed below – see ‘Talkin’ about condition’)

The surf scene is gettin’ all groovy and out ‘a sight.....

Talkin’ about the board...

Let it all hang out....
No regimented pin lines to be found here – times is a changing, and fast.

Check out the groovy clip into psychedelia with the wavy pin lining on the hull as it lazily wends its way down from the platform nose to the slightly pulled tail; hypnotically freestyle!

Perhaps a turned-on resin artisan’s hep sign-off to a beautiful time or custom order detailing, but definitely a marked departure from the standard livery embellishment for boards of that era.

Man, just too far out....

I believe the board to be a late 60’s (67/68/69?) design offering from the established and respected Newquay based House of Bilbo, replete with its full template, long rail line, trim freezing fin and, of course, those smoky pin lines!

Twin stringers!
The twin 3/8” wood stringers are offset with 13/8” green (faded) coloured outrider band detailing (resin tint?).
The twin stringer set up seems to offer a sleeker aesthetic to the wider centre stringer build.

I cannot recall seeing another surviving 60’s twin stick model Bilbo long board or one with meandering pin lines.

A somewhat considerable skeg!
The glassed on fin is period purple fibre glass and stands sentry right at the back to hold the tail when forward trimming. The fin tip extends past the tail by an inch or so.

House of Bilbo Logo – the European Surfing Company
Check out the photos for the multiple Bilbo laminates sealed forever under glass – orderly pin lines may have given way to flights of fantasy, but a nod to symmetry remains with the triple lam cluster on the deck.

The single lam on the hull, way back near the fin, does lend a comforting period familiarity to this long design example.

Talkin’ about condition.....

I have tried to show the general condition of the board as best I can with the numerous photos and the details below, with particular attention to the rails where most of wear is evident and is sold ‘as-is’.

Please note: the photo where the board is standing has shadowing from the conifer branches.

This lengthy surf craft has travelled through time and has dings, discolouration and scratches to verify its 40+ years on planet Earth.

Generally, the board is in solid condition although the gloss coat is dull in places and scratched with only a few small soft spots (minimal) and numerous dings.

The only sign of delam is a small area on the deck from where the original owner knee paddled, but only a slight deflection can be seen when gently pressed – no flapping of glass!
The knee paddle areas can be seen in the photo of the board standing up.

Considering its age there are only minimal heel depressions on the deck.

The rails need work – check out the photos – the weave is showing on at least 70% of the length of the rails (abrasion) and there are dings to be addressed and refreshed.

The nose and tail were repaired/rebuilt/re-glassed back in 1990.

The board has a patina that celebrates 40+ years of beach life –

There are areas of discolouration too.

The fin is solid and has been drilled for a leash.

I rode this board in 1990 until I discovered a lightweight long board. It did slide again in 1999 for a small fun summer session.

The board is not watertight, but it is dry.

Talkin’ about ridin’ ten feet of history.....

·         Be prepared for heavy!

·         Paddles well

·         The flattish rocker can ease the rider into the green, but turns must generally be managed from the back quarter

·         Cuts through white water with its heft

·         Riding up-front is a good walk and needs careful trim/stall work to maintain

·         Generally, a heavy rider for those who seek a vintage slide and to go long

So, hang it, stand it up (watch out for that 10’ ¼” + fin overhang headroom requirement), ride it or slide it or give it the full refurb it deserves, the bid is with you......

Why is it up for auction?
We need the space, it needs to be ridden (at least every now and then) and someone out there may be looking for ten feet of classic 60’s UK mown foam held in check with two parallel sticks!

Local pick up only please – way to heavy, long, wide and surfboard shaped for delivery!

Payment – PayPal only please

Any questions out there, at eBay Beach?  Please send a message.

Thanks for looking!
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