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    Green&Blue enviromental

    At Green&Blue we're passionate about protecting and enhancing the world we live in, making sure there are green spaces and wildlife for future generations and working to reverse some of the damage we've done to our planet since the industrial revolution. Here we will document the changes we're making and the journey of being changemakers in this world, our responsibility as a small business.

    Milk bottles

    Sometimes it's easy to think that change is too hard, the problem too great, someone else must solve it because what can we do? We've decided that if we make lots of small changes, by looking at everything we do as a business, and as people, then those changes will start to add up. If lots of us make small changes then by nature they will become a big change. And we've started with toilet roll! Looking at things we do every day, the toilet and coffee seemed good places to start! So we buy our toilet roll from a brilliant company we found called "Who gives a crap". It's 100% recycled and the company give 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. Did you know that roughly 40% of the world's population don't have access to a toilet? Neither did we.

    Environmental lifestyle

    Milk and coffee are the second changes we've made so far. We've started getting our milk delivered in glass bottles from a local dairy. We've struggled to find any hard fact evidence that glass bottles are better for the planet than plastic but we had a gut feeling that they were and for now, we're running with that whilst we do further research and ask more questions! If you've got an opinion or evidence for either side then please do drop us a line to or a message on our social media. As for coffee, we've started buying larger bags of fairtrade coffee from a local coffee company, recyclable bags that we will re-use for as long as possible, getting them refilled by the company. Previously we were buying 250g packs and so we have really reduced the waste we are creating. We are also now looking at innovative ways we can re-use the coffee grounds. Can you tell we're a company that loves our coffee?!

    Coffee tugboat

    These are our starting points and we'll keep updating as we look at more changes we can make to #BeetheChange we want to see.