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Bee Brick bee house in white concrete
Bee Brick bee house in bee friendly garden with solitary bee
Bee Brick and bee blocks bee house by Green&Blue
solitary bee on bee brick bee house
solitary bee on charcoal bee brick by green and blue
Bee Brick bee house by Green&Blue
yellow bee brick bee house with solitary bee
yellow bee brick bee hotel by Green&Blue
Stack of coloured bee brick bee houses
Bee Brick bee house in a brick wall
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Bee Brick®

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If you're looking to make more space for nature then the Bee Brick® solitary bee house is for you.

Great for garden lovers, design lovers and nature lovers, the Bee Brick® is an innovative nesting site for solitary bees, created to look lovely just standing in your garden, with the added innovation that the brick can also be used in place of a standard brick in building, creating more habitat for non-swarming solitary bees. The Bee Brick® provides a stylish nesting site for red mason and leafcutter bees, amongst other cavity-nesting species, and makes a real design statement in any bee-friendly garden, allotment, or building.

Solitary bees are fascinating to watch and a wonderful way to introduce kids to bees, solitary bees have no queen or honey to protect, meaning they are non-aggressive and won't sting.

Bee houses can be a simple way to do something to help our declining bee population, alongside bee-friendly planting and other wildlife-friendly measures.

If you're interested in building with the Bee Brick® then contact us for a quote and more info here or call us 01872 858658 or email

Visit our blog for lots more info about Bee Brick® bee houses and solitary bees.


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