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Solitary Bee Week 27 June-3rd July, make a buzz for bees!

Solitary Bee Week 27 June-3rd July, make a buzz for bees!

Solitary Bee Week starts on Monday 27th June - get involved now!

Solitary Bee week is a week of special awareness-raising events that you can get involved with to help us raise public awareness of this diverse group of wild bees!

Starting on Monday 27th June and running until 3rd July 2022 we have a week of activities that you can get involved with centred around bees in your own community.

This is the 4th year that we’ve hosted Solitary Bee Week and in the last 4 years the plight of all our bee species has made the headlines repeatedly, however public knowledge of solitary bees still has a long way to go, their challenges are increasing and so the need for Solitary Bee Week to help people learn and connect with these pollinating masters!

learn love share for solitary bees


This is what Solitary Bee Week is all about.

90% of our bee species in the UK are solitary bees yet few people know much about them. Solitary Bee Week is a chance to learn about solitary bees, fall in love with them, and share this knowledge with others so that more people fall in love with them and feel inclined to do what they can to protect them. 

solitary bee pledge

Monday 27th June - Help us launch Solitary Bee Week with a buzz and a bang!

Solitary Bee Week 2022 is our chance to create a noise about our brilliant solitary bees and we need your help. Check out our website and make your pledge to be a solitary bee hero.



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Tuesday - Solitary Bee Hour on Twitter 

Tuesday 28th June , 2022


We’ll be posting facts about solitary bees on Twitter, join in with us for an hour and share them on! https://twitter.com/SolitaryBeeWeek


team photo wearing stripe on wear stripes Wednesday

Wednesday - Wear your stripes Wednesday

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
12:00 AM  11:59 PM

    Celebrate our solitary bees and create a buzz by wearing your stripes with us on Wednesday 29th June 2022. Join the conversation on social using the #solitarybeeweek hashtag, and take a look at all the other striped top photos shared - as varied as our bees! Download our solitary bee factfile and help spread some facts throughout the day.


    write a poem about solitary bees

    Thursday - Solitary Bee Creativity Day 2022 

    Thursday, June 30, 2022
    8:30 AM  11:30 PM

    We are inviting all you wordsmiths out there to write a poem about solitary bees. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, just a few words to spread the love for the bees. Share your poem with us on social media using the #solitarybeeweek hashtag, or email it through to hello@solitarybeeweek.com. Happy writing!


    Thursday, June 30, 2022

    8:30 AM  11:30 PM

    Share your solitary bee photos with us on the Solitary Bee Week Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts! We’ll re-share your images and videos of the diverse range of native wild bees at work! 

    Follow us here: 




    Saturday - Carry out your pledge!

    We know some of you may be forecast for rain over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd July, but it’s still fun to carry out your pledges indoors, in a greenhouse or in a rainy and windswept garden! Did you pledge to create a balcony pot or to plant some wildflower seeds, or to have a cuppa with a friend or family member and to tell them that you’re taking part in Solitary Bee Week and have taken a pledge? Here’s your chance!

    solitary bee and flower

    Sunday - complete your pledge and photograph the results! 

    Pop them on your social using the #solitarybeeweek hashtag, who knows, maybe others will take inspiration from your planting and be encouraged to take an action to help bees too! 

    Be a Solitary Bee Hero - get a digital certificate!

    Solitary Bee Hero digital certificates will be sent to participants who sign up to the Solitary Bee Week pledges on our website - so sign up now and #earnyourstripes! https://www.solitarybeeweek.com/earn-your-stripes

     over 240 species of solitary bees graphic black background

    Solitary Bee Week Background

    Green&Blue started Solitary Bee Week in 2018 after realising how few people knew about solitary bees. With the help of expert partners from The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute team, brilliant citizen scientists and solitary bee lovers like Emily Doorish and with support from the Smartline project, Solitary Bee Week is an awareness campaign run once a year with the aim of helping the public learn more about these brilliant bees. 


    Get involved with Solitary Bee Week here!

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