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Where to put your bee brick

Where to put your bee brick

Our responsibility to you doesn't finish when we've delivered your bee house, bird feeder or birdhouse. We want our range to work brilliantly for you and for nature.  

bee bricks by green&Blue

When it comes to putting your Bee Brick, Bee Block or bee friendly planter out in the garden it's important to note a few things about it's location.

Bee houses should be south facing, placed in a warm sunny spot. Solitary bees are cold blooded, which means they need the warmth of the sun to get them going. Solitary bees aren't aggressive and don't swarm. They don't produce honey or have a queen to protect which means they are safe to encourage close to your property and around children and pets - they are fascinating for children to observe.  

bee brick placed in extension

They need to be placed at least 1 metre from ground level with no upward height limit. In studies we've run with Exeter University we've found that those placed lower than a metre saw much less uptake than higher units. Equally we've seen great success with Bee Bricks used at first floor extension level and on balconies.   bee bricks at chelsea flower show

You need to ensure that there is no vegetation blocking the fascia of your Bee Brick or bee house. This is important as the bees just won't use it if there is. Ensure you check the area regularly to make sure nothing has grown up in front of the bricks. You can also use this as an opportunity to clear spiderwebs which might pop up and block the cavities. 

urban wildflowers for urban spaces

Also, and crucial to uptake, is the fact that there must be a source of bee friendly food nearby. Solitary Bees won't tend to travel more than 100m in search of food so if there is nothing for them to eat then they won't nest there. Read our blog on RHS perfect for pollinators for guidance on bee friendly planting.  

If you've got any questions on siting your Bee Brick or bee house then please do drop us a line to info@greenandblue.co.uk and we'll do our upmost to help you, and the bees, out.

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Hi. I’m doing a new build and would be interested in putting some bee bricks in. The house is in the Western Highlands of Scotland and I’m worried that South facing would be too wet for any solitary bees. Any advice for wetter areas?


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