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Cornish nature reserve trees shown

Can you help us re-open a Cornish Nature Reserve?

This Black Friday we need your help to bring about many Better Fridays in the future.


We're working with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust team to re-open a nature reserve that's very close to our hearts, a nature reserve that has been closed for some time, for a complex combination of reasons. We're confident that together, as a team, we can re-open this nature reserve, we can help a community to connect more deeply with nature and we can help multiple species co-exist in a protected and safe space. 

This weekend (starting on Thursday 26th November) we're giving 10% from all sales on our website to Cornwall Wildlife Trust to go towards a fund we're supporting dedicated to this nature reserve. We can't wait to tell you more about it and to keep you posted on the journey we're on. 

We love the fact that this Black Friday you can help us make it Better just by shopping our range, and enabling us to give more funds to support this project.

Everyone who shops the Green&Blue range this weekend, helping us to make it a Better Friday, will also be entered into a prize draw to win a very cool gift bundle from some brilliant companies, see what you could win right here.... 


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