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Make Us Smile Again - And the winner is..

Make Us Smile Again - And the winner is..

The decision is made, the judging is done! We're so grateful to every one of you who has taken a moment to vote and let us know your favourite photo in our 'Make Us Smile' again photo competition, the judging has been so tough with so many brilliant images to choose from but we have made a decision.

So, drumroll please.

Bird feeder in the snow

The image that was a stand out winner and a favourite amongst so many of you as well as so many of the team at Green&Blue was the stunning birds in the snow photograph by Ruth Kelly.

Our favourite comment was from Robert who said "Birds in the snow by Ruth Kelly. Beautiful picture of the birds in motion, the amount of them and time of year – you can see the birds are hungry and grateful for the feeder – love it" and Tess who said "It has to be Ruth Kelly’s Birds in the snow – shows us exactly when they need some support in such weather and she has captured the birds in flight beautifully."

Congratulations Ruth, we will be in touch with your £150 Green&Blue giftcard.

We've also decided that there will be x2 runner up images, we could have had so many more but knew we had to draw the line somewhere!

Drumroll please for runner up 1.

Bluetit emerging from birdball birdhouse

This beautiful image was entered by Tom Vinken and for us, captures the spirit and energy of wildlife and the magic of nesting birds, and makes us smile because of the way it shows a product from our range so at one with the natural world. @the_eco_heroes on Instagram said "They're all amazing shots that just show off our amazing wildlife! It has to be the birdball birdhouse nesting time for us!" 

Congratulations Tom and thank you for capturing such a beautiful image, we will be in touch with your giftcard prize.

And finally, after much deliberating the final runner up.

Bee bricks in a new build shown in a block wall

Our congratulations to Elizabeth Hallet for her photo of Bee Bricks shown in a new build wall. When Elizabeth emailed her entry to us she said;

"We’re entering your competition but really this is just because you need to see how great your bee bricks are in a new-build, adding character and space to share our home with bees."

And Chloe agreed, telling us in her feedback that she voted for "Bee Brick in a New Build – Elizabeth Hallet (as I think bee bricks should be incorporated into every home and new build, as standard… So this image could be a hopeful ‘new norm’)"

Thank you for another lovely image Elizabeth and for making us smile once more, we will be in touch with your giftcard prize.

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to send us an image, to vote for their favourite in the gallery, to interact with the competition on social media and just generally for always making us smile. We are sure that the competition will be back another day because we all need reasons to smile!

Thanks again,

The team at Green&Blue

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