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leafcutter solitary bee with leaf held

Solitary Bee Week 2021 - the countdown is on!

Solitary Bee Week 2021 - Monday 28th June - 4th July

Solitary Bee Week 2021 is nearly upon us and there's definitely a buzz in the air!! Solitary Bee Week is an awareness campaign born out of too many conversations that started with the words 'what's a solitary bee?' and is a partnership between Green&Blue and the University of Exeter Environment and Sustainability Institute. It's our chance to spread the word about these brilliant bees, and once you've seen a leafcutter in action we defy anyone not to care!

There are lots of ways to get involved with Solitary Bee Week 2021 and to help us cause a buzz. We've put a toolkit together that has links to social posts, images you can share on social media, suggested posts, allsorts. 


Our favourite day of the week is Wear Your Stripes Wednesday when we encourage everyone to wear their stripes and share their pictures on social, spreading the word that just like people, bees come in all shapes, sizes and stripes too. #earnyourstripes

Team Green&Blue wear stripes for solitary bee week 

You can also pen a poem for Creativity Day, an ode to the solitary bees, or join in with Solitary Bee Hour over on Twitter. If you're involved with a school you can pledge to deliver a Solitary Bee Assembly during the week and we'll even send you a little prize! 

Check out the events page over on the Solitary Bee Week website and let us know how you're going to share the love this year.



Join in on social using #SolitaryBeeWeek #LearnLoveShare #EarnYourStripes

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