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swift in nest

Swift Awareness Week 2019

This year Swift Awareness Week takes place from the 22nd to the 29th June 2019.

In the last 20 years, Swift populations have dropped by over 50%, making it more important than ever that we spread the word about these brilliant birds and ways that we can reverse this decline. 

Swift in flight with Green&Blue SwiftBlock

If you'd like to get involved with the week then Swift Conservation has come up with a great list of suggestions to inspire you...

  1. A Swift Walk with your friends & neighbours to spot local Swifts, maybe Bats too ending at a nice local pub maybe?
  2. A Swift Talk to the WI, local school, local Conservative Club, you choose!
  3. A Swift garden Tea Party
  4. A Swift Garden wine and fizz party
  5. A Swift Garden Feast lasting far into the night spotting the Swifts as they return to sleep with their chicks
  6. A Polite Demo at the local Planning Office asking them to specify more Swift Bricks in their planning permissions
  7. Letters to your MP, Planners, Councillors, local papers (nice and helpful letters!) asking them to help Swifts, and telling them how
  8. Posters and leaflets in your local library - with permission
  9. Speaking on local radio & TV
  10. A Swift Hat Competition - who can make their head look just like a Swift?
  11. School activities - Swift Art, Swift Printing, Swift Lino Cuts, Swift Stories, Swift Knitting, Swift clay modelling
  12. Showing "Devil Birds" at the local venue with a digital projector
  13. Making and selling Swift Biscuits & Cakes
  14. Swift Flag Waving along the local high street
  15. A Swift Motorcade along the local high street, and back again!

We're hoping something in that list will fire your imagination! 

Swifts in flight

If you get inspired then the Action for Swifts website has a register for local events, you can add your own or search for ways to get involved near you.

Keep us posted, we'd love to know if you organise an event.

Have you signed the Save our Swifts petition yet? Find out more and add your name here.

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