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World Land Rover Day - 30th April

World Land Rover Day - 30th April

Ever heard of World Land Rover day?! No, us neither! Until today when we found out, via the wonderful folk of Cut by Beam that not only is World Land Rover Day very much a thing but also, it takes place today, Tuesday 30th April, 2019.


Landrovers in front of log pile

It felt as though we couldn't let the day pass without a mention as Land Rovers are a big part of our world at Green&Blue.

Gavin from the team is the proud owner of a 1964 series 2 Land Rover, lovingly restored in his 'spare' time. Every morning at Green&Blue the workshop roller door is creaked open and the landrover judders into life to be moved out to the yard so that we can bring the bench forward and start our working day, demoulding Bee Bricks and mixing concrete to make more of our wildlife products. At the end of the day, back in she comes! 

Landrover in Green&Blue yard

A second Land Rover also lives in the Green&Blue yard, brought by Gavin's Grandfather in 1972, a family restoration project still very much in progress. Suitably, we've even spotted bees nesting in this one!

For Gavin, these iconic vehicles are very much in the blood, they were the family vehicle of choice through childhood, holidays to Cornwall began with a good bone juddering, and noisy, journey!

Gavin's nephew also now runs an instagram account dedicated to Land Rover spots, a celebration of Landy's worldwide! You can see that here...

 So join us, if you will, in a toast to the Land Rover, king (or queen?!) of the road! 

Land rover in Green&Blue workshopLand rover on the cornish coast with male modelLand rover in the snow

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