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A thoughtful Christmas - sustainable gift ideas

A thoughtful Christmas - sustainable gift ideas

This Christmas feels like we're looking for more considered and thoughtful gifts than ever, like perhaps we're realising we have all the 'things' we might need in this world and we're looking for a gift that connects us to nature, that speaks of our values, that puts back more than it takes from the earth.

With that in mind we've put together a sustainable Christmas gift guide with some brilliant pieces from some of our favourite companies, companies we trust, companies doing it differently and doing it well, in our opinion.


'Thoughtful Christmas' sustainable gift ideas


Cornish recycled sunglasses

Waterhaul eco sustainable sunglasses
Super cool Cornish company Waterhaul are passionate about  combining adventure with purpose and their range of sunglasses support that passion, designed for ocean adventures and made from recycled trawl nets and lines. We love the Pentire model best of all.

Recycled Marine Plastic Surfing Handplanes

Odyssey hand plane made from recycled marine plastics - blue hand plane shown on the beach as part of sustainable christmas gift guide

Staying on the theme, Odyssey Innovation are another Cornish company (ok, we might be Cornwall biased, we admit it!) pioneering a circular economy through recycling marine plastic. Amongst their awesome campaign and education work they also retail a small range of gifts, including these handplanes made from fishing nets and ropes gathered by divers,  beach cleaners and fishermen and processed through their net recycling program.

Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirits



At Green&Blue there are varied approaches to drinking but we all agree that actually, we feel a whole lot better when we abstain! A reason then to love Pentire and their botanical, non-alcoholic spirits made by distilling unique plants native to, erm, sorry, it's Cornwall again!! We have a lot of good stuff in Cornwall!!  


Rapanui organic cotton towel

Rapanui organic surf towel as sustainable christmas gift

Rapanui are a brand getting so many things right, from their use of natural materials to their factories working in a no waste cycle, being powered by renewable energy and using plastic free packaging, the only thing we have against them is they're not in Cornwall (!!) but they are on the Isle of Wight, so! We think their organic cotton towel is a great gift for the swimmer, surfer or sea lover in your life. 


Fisherman Beanie

Finisterre sustainable fisheman beanie hat

A sustainable Christmas gift guide wouldn't be complete without a little something from our favourite folk at Finisterre. On any given day in the Green&Blue studio you'll find someone from the team sporting a bit of Finisterre and their fisherman beanies, made in the UK from merino wool, are a particular favourite - and an awesome gift too. Finisterre are a committed B Corp, making truly exceptional product in a more responsible and transparent way. And they're based just up the road from us too!


Wildlife Supporting Homewares

creature candy hedgehog homewares featuring mugs and coasters

Creature Candy is a brilliant British homewares & gifts company which raises awareness and funds for declining wildlife species. Their range features kitchen textiles, ceramics, gifts and stationery and they donate 10% from every sale to British Wildlife charities like the Bat Conservation Trust and Butterfly conservation. It's hard to pick a favourite but the Pipistrelle Bat Mug or the hedgehog mug are certainly high on the list! 


Organic Canvas Bread Wrap

organic canvas bread wrap in christmas robin print by poppy treffry

Staying on the theme of brilliant British homewares and gifts, we're adding this rather lovely Christmas themed organic canvas bread wrap to our sustainable Christmas wishlist, designed and made by the team at Poppy Treffry. This brilliant wrap will keep your bread fresh or can be used for all sorts of kitchen tasks and is made using organic and unbleached cotton, with offcuts used for various craft projects so nothing is ever wasted. Another brilliant Cornish company, and check out their bee range too - unsurprisingly we love that as well! 


The Best Knickers!

Stripe and stare knickers

A good pair of knickers can completely change a day and when they use pioneering material made from wood pulp, avoid plastic and biodegrade once you’re finished with them, well that's a day made! Stripe and Stare are one of our new favourite finds for 2021 with the comfiest, softest knickers in the world! Their knicker subscription is the gift that literally keeps on giving, and once you write the word knicker too many times it starts to look wrong!! 


DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit

Beeswax wrap co DIY beeswax wrap kitThe Beeswax Wrap Co are another of our favourite companies, fellow B-Corps full of passion, inspiration and a blooming fab product range! We love their selection of gifts for eco-lovers and in particular the DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit - allowing a bit of creativity alongside owning a selection of fab beeswax wraps! 


Archival Digital Giclee Print

Particle Press ARCHIVAL DIGITAL GICLEE PRINT wildflowers and wildlife print

Phew, can we go back to Cornish companies we love now?! Welcome the stunning work of artist and designer Fiona, otherwise known as Particle Press. Fiona creates beautiful products from her Cornish studio, inspired by British nature. Her beautiful prints make a stunning gift and we love her summary of the British seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.


Little Bee Lovers Gift Bundle

Little bee lovers gift bundle for bee lovers and nature lovers shown on wooden background

And finally, we're very proud of our offering of gift bundles on the website this Christmas - all handpicked and created to reconnect people with nature. The Little Bee Lovers Gift Bundle includes a brilliant Bee Cell bee house from the Green&Blue range, a safe place for solitary bees to nest, combined with a tin of bee friendly wildflowers seeds from our friends at Seedball and a Beevive, a keyring to carry with you at all times so you can revive tired bees on the go.


Whatever you gift, gift it good! 

So there you have it, the Green&Blue thoughtful Christmas sustainable gift guide! We hope we've managed to inspire you with an idea or two, and to think about how you gift this Christmas, can you support small businesses? think more sustainably? think consciously and long term? 💚

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