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Big changes at Green&Blue

Big changes at Green&Blue


This year we are celebrating 18 years of business, a significant milestone. Throughout these years, our purpose, to make homes havens for wildlife, has become clearer, and our determination to address the state of nature in the UK has grown. Recognising both this urgency and the increasing demand for our range, we are thrilled to announce that Green&Blue is joining the Wildcare family. With their experience and resources, we believe they are best positioned to support the Green&Blue range and its contribution to creating more space for nature in the future.

Wildcare is a long-standing customer and passionate supporter of our work. Specialising in ecology, they understand the impact our products can have on the built environment and appreciate the values and brand we have established.

As part of this transition, production will be relocated to Wildcare's headquarters in Longborough, Gloucestershire. Consequently, our doors in Perranporth will be closing at the end of May. Some of the team will be working with Wildcare for a period of time to assist in a smooth transition and to continue to support our community. We firmly believe that this decision will provide our products with the best opportunity to fulfil their purpose and make a meaningful contribution to our planet and it's exciting to see where the future takes things. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your ongoing support,

The team at Green&Blue


What does this actually mean?

Green&Blue has been brought by Wildcare and will become a part of the Wildcare family from Friday 26th May.

What does this mean for me? Can I still order?

If you are a wholesale shop or gallery or one of our commercial, build customers then you can still place orders with us now however the lead time will be longer than usual, 6-8 weeks potentially though we will do our best to improve on this.  

What if I'd like to place an order on the website?

We will be taking online orders on the website until Monday 15th May. After this date orders placed will be subject to a longer dispatch time than normal whilst operations transfer to Gloucestershire.


Will the range still be made in the UK?

Yes. Production is moving to Gloucestershire and the ceramics range will continue to be made for Green&Blue in Stoke on Trent, working with the same suppliers we've worked with for the last 18 years!

Will the habitat range of products like Bee Brick still be made using recycled aggregate?

Absolutely. The first delivery of the recycled china clay waste we use to make the Green&Blue range of nesting products for wildlife is winging it's way up to Gloucestershire as we type! 

What will happen to my data?

Wildcare will become the controller of any data we hold and is 100% committed to protecting your privacy and security. Your data will only be used in relation to Green&Blue updates however if you would like to opt-out you can drop us a line to info@greenandblue.co.uk

How do I get in touch with you?

For now, all contact details will remain the same, we'll let you know should this change. For now you can call us on 01872 858658 or email us to info@greenandblue.co.uk.


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