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wildflower seeds

Your Wildlife friendly Autumn to do list

Things to do in the garden this Autumn to be more Wildlife Friendly


Autumn gardens

  • if tidying the garden, leave some seedheads, especially on things like sunflowers and thistles, and allow things to die back naturally - you'll be providing shelter and food for the birds that way.
  • try and leave weeds with attractive flowers. In general, if you can leave the weeding to a minimum it will help wildlife with food and shelter.
  • September can be a great time to plant wildflower seeds, depending on your soil. Generally, they won't come up until the following Spring but they'll provide a nice early food source for the bees.
wildflowers for wildlife 
  • Autumn is a great time to plant herbaceous perennials, great for borders and for bees as early food sources.
  • Start getting into a more regular routine with filling your bird feeders and putting out water for birds in the garden. As it gets cooler they'll need it more and more.
  terracotta belle birdfeeder by green&BLue  
  • finally, and this one is a little hopeful, bask in the warmth of the Indian Summer!

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