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sugar water for bees

Be a Bee saving hero!

Kate from the team recently wrote on our facebook page about rescuing a bumblebee who she'd found bedraggled outside in the rain. She'd taken the bee in and fed her a sugar water solution and looked after her overnight. Kate's story got us thinking about those times we've seen a bee in trouble and had no means to be able to help, no sugar water solution to reach for. (NB. If you do find a bee struggling you can always make an effort to pop them on a nearby flower where they can find some food.)   mixing sugar water for bees

We decided to create our own 'on the go' tired bee saving kits and got everyone on the team a small amber medicine bottle so that we can always 'bee' prepared!   sugar water for bumbebees

In the bottles, we mixed up refined white sugar crystals with lukewarm water at a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part sugar. We then gave this a good shake and left it to dissolve.

Things to note: Do NOT use brown sugar and do NOT mix the solution with boiling water. Also, do NOT give bees honey as it can spread diseases.  

sugar water bottle to help the bees

And now all the team at Green&Blue carry these so that we're always prepared to help. The sugar water solution is only a reviver for bees to help them back on their way in emergencies and doesn't meet their nutritional needs long term. However offering sugar water usually works, even if it appears at first that the bee is dead, it's a powerful reviver!  

Rescued bumblebee on leaf And you'll be pleased to know that after a night with Kate and family, 'Ella' the bumblebee was released back in the same area they had found her, in case she had a nest and family nearby. A very Hapbee ending!  

For more in-depth advice on bee-ing a hero, we recommend this great post from savebees.org or visiting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.

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