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Bee Brick in the brick wall footings of an alitex greenhouse at RHS chelsea flower show

Bee Bricks at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

As a company we're determined to make it to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show one of these days, but it turns out 2021 is not that year, sadly! The world's greatest flower show has moved to September this year, in a change from it's traditional date of early May, but still promises to be a wonderful celebration of gardens, flowers and growing in general. 

Although we can't attend the show in person we feel like we're there in spirit as the wonderful Alitex have built Bee Bricks into the footings of their Scotney greenhouse, demonstrating a simple way to combine habitat for wildlife with garden plans. 

The Alitex greenhouses have been beautifully styled by Selina Lake, will include education and demonstrations by Julia Parker of Parker's Patch who will show how to eradicate plastics from your gardens, and feature vibrant planting from Jake Curley. The Green&Blue Bee Bricks are built into the wall just outside the entrance.

Bee Brick in greenhouse brick wall

If you're heading to Chelsea then we'd love to hear from you, do drop us a line or tag us in your pics on social media, and if you're interested in combining Bee Brick into a brick wall or a greenhouse footing then just drop us a line to info@greenandblue.co.uk or on 01872 858658.

If, like us, you can't make it to the Chelsea Flower Show then coverage is on the BBC over the course of the event. 

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