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Christmas gifts with a difference

  Award winning Cornish company Green&Blue have a beautiful selection of products which make perfect Christmas gifts for design lovers, nature enthusiasts and even the obligatory office secret santa!   lime-and-white-wireframe-feeders-by-green-and-blue   The Green&Blue range is crafted in the UK, the majority of it in Cornwall. The range stands out because of the stunning designs, which create a real statement in the garden and which create both feeding stations and nesting sites for nature.   The-Green-and-Blue-range   “We’re really excited about the ranges appeal for Christmas gifting this year” said Faye Clifton, sales and marketing manager. “We’ve been through a big rebrand this year and repackaged our entire collection, changed our literature and launched a new website. We’re excited to build upon a really successful Christmas 2014 and break records this year."    

Highlights of the Christmas gift offering

  bee-brick-in-shade-by-green-and-blue   Bee Brick £27.50 available from greenandblue.co.uk   Bee Brick was a Christmas best seller in 2014 and we expect it to do even more this year as awareness grows around the plight of solitary bees. The bee brick has been repackaged so it becomes an ever more complete gift.   wireframe-feeder-lime-LS1-by-green-and-blue   Wireframe bird feeders £10 available from greenandblue.co.uk   Brand new for Christmas 2015 our wireframe bird feeders are a simple and stylish way to feed garden birds fruit, bread and kitchen scraps. Priced perfectly for the office secret santa, with a bit more soul!   blue-peanut-feeder-by-green-and-blue   Seed feeder £55 available from greenandblue.co.uk Our beautiful range of bird feeders and bird houses are simply stunning, loved by Wayne Hemmingway amongst others, and the centre point of may stunning gardens.   For press enquiries please contact faye@greenandblue.co.uk or press@greenandblue.co.uk or drop us a line on +44 (0)1872 858787.
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