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Community - Keep Perranporth tidy

Community - Keep Perranporth tidy

At Green&Blue we feel we have a responsibility to use our business for good, to make a difference both to our team, to our community and ultimately to our planet. We're doing this via the products we create, the processes we use, the way we look after our team and the things we do within our community, country, and world.  

One of our projects this year has been to set up a school litter pick with our local community primary school, Perranporth. A few of our team are parents to children at the school and walk from home to the school and on to our workshop each day, noticing as they do so just how much rubbish lines our streets. With so much focus on beach cleans it felt natural for us to look at the wider problem of litter and to think of ways to combat the issues.  

Plastic pollution in Perranporth hedges  

A school litter pick, held once a term, feels like a great starting place. By asking children to not just walk past litter but to stop and pick it up we are opening their eyes to that little bit of difference that they can make. By talking about the problem it becomes harder to ignore it and we all start to focus more on how to avoid it, by not dropping rubbish, by covering bins when seagulls are a problem, by picking litter up when we see it.

It's all about getting our children involved in the conversation, and from a recent assembly we delivered at Perranporth school we were blown away by how engaged, aware and educated they already are about the plastic pollution.  

We're grateful to Suez for their support in the litter pick and the team at Clean Cornwall who are doing great work to keep our county clean and healthy, and, most of all, to the children and staff at Perranporth school for being so enthusiastic about joining in.

And we would urge schools and organisations across the world to think about a similar initiative, even if it's a ten minute lunchtime litter pick, a #2minute street clean or organising something with your local schools. We truly believe that with more projects like this the outcome of the video below could be completely turned on its head - here's hoping anyway!  

Would you pick it up? from Clean Cornwall on Vimeo.

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