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#FollowFriday Competition Series No.2 Haws Watering Cans

Friday 18th September 2020 marks the second in our #FollowFriday competition series, our chance to introduce you to brands, books and companies that we love and your chance to win great prizes.

This Friday we're very happy to share a prize with you from the world's oldest manufacturer of watering cans, Haws, Made in England for over 130 years. 

Haws watering can on table for #FollowFriday competition

The history and story behind Haws watering cans is one that resonates deeply with us at Green&Blue. A story of innovation, dedication, manufacturing journeys, sustainability and determination. The company was founded in 1886 and today is run by brothers Andy & Rich, who have built upon the history and legacy of the company to create what we see today.

Just like Green&Blue, Haws is a company built upon craftmanship and attention to detail, and being entirely British made. When you see their beautiful watering cans, you might not instantly see that there may have been around 200 steps involved in actually making that product for you, but these crafted, considered steps all go in to creating something built to last.

In todays throwaway culture it would be easy to pick up a cheap plastic watering can for the garden but you'll more than likely find that you get what you pay for and that watering can will do nothing but frustrate you before ending up in landfill far too soon. This is the same across our shopping habits and it's something we urge everyone to consider. Buy better and consider the lifespan of the things you buy.

But, back to the competition!

Haws follow friday competition

On Friday 18th September we're bringing you the chance to win 'the Rowley Ripple Graphite - Two Pint' watering can from Haws' multi purpose watering cans range. Perfect for home or greenhouse, this is a sleek and beautiful metal can that has the whole Green&Blue team lusting after it, one for the Christmas list if you don't win!

As ever there are several ways to enter, and you can find full info on our #FollowFriday competition page here.

Find the #FollowFriday competition post on Instagram (should be posted on Friday evening) and follow instructions there.

Find the #FollowFriday post on Facebook and follow instructions there.

Leave a comment on this blog post - tell us why you'd love to win.

We'll be choosing a winner on Monday - Good luck everyone. 

(You can sign up to receive email notifications for when new #FollowFriday competitions go live on this link)

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I love my large Haws Water Can (don’t know the size) and use it all the time for outdoor plants and big indoor plants. But it doesn’t work well for my smaller indoor plants, of which there are many.

Terry F Bone

How stylish is this delightful Watering Can, ?? Would love this in our Summer House, where I have a selection of various plants, finding. Watering can that doesn’t DRIP would be amazing

Beverly Ayling

This can is the most stylish I’ve ever seen. My house is nearly as old as the Haws company and I love to use and display British made traditional, practical things. The Rowley Ripple Graphite Watering Can is just perfect.

Leah Tonna

Just replacing my old decaying greenhouse with a shiny new one and this watering can would look really smart

Julie Lord

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