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Get back to nature, go packaging free for Christmas!

Get back to nature, go packaging free for Christmas!

Nestled deep in the cosy warmth of our recycled Shred, lay our freshly born Bee Houses, swaddled with great care and attention ready for your onwards journey.

We know you’ll find beautiful paper and wrapping solutions for making your carefully chosen gifts look good under the tree, but did you know you can cut out some of the packaging that comes with our gifts by ticking a quick box on our website?

We thought we’d better explain what we meant by ‘packaging free’ in case you had visions of a Bee Brick turning up with a stamp on it!

When you tick ‘packaging free’ we send your bee houses out in just the outer shipping carton, heavily padded with our Shred recycled cardboard wadding to keep every item in perfect condition. We offer packaging free on all of our bee products (and the Bees Block comes simply wrapped in an unprinted cardboard sleeve

Because the bird feeders are ceramic, they will still arrive in the retail display box, inside the outer carton.

Why do we do it? 

We’re on a mission to be as minimal as possible with our impact in the planet, there is very little waste from what we do but we’re aware that although we use a carbon balanced printer to print our wraps, after they have arrived, they are likely to go straight in the recycling, which means that they have accrued carbon. For a Bee Brick, we have calculated that >40% of the carbon in the product can be attributed to the packaging, how crazy is that!

How to select 'go packaging free'

Add the items you want to your basket and then click to check out. In this page you'll find the list of all the products you selected, which you can edit the quantities on, or give us delivery and packing instructions.

There is a tickbox on the right hand side of the page just above the update cart and checkout buttons, tick this to turn packaging free on prior to proceeding to the payment screens

payment page screen highlighting the tickbox for the option to go packaging free. Your screen reader should pick this option up but if it doesn't please let us know!

So if you’re buying for an eco conscious, nature loving person this year, why not opt to go packaging free? 

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