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The B corp certified Green&Blue team

Green&Blue on the eCommerce masterplan - B Corp month

How Green&Blue have been a B Corp for five years (and counting!) with Faye Treffry (episode 428)

In celebration of B Corp month (March 23) we were delighted to be invited to chat to Chloe Thomas of eCommerce Masterplan about how we've been certified now for 5 years, about what that means, how we certified, advice for anyone considering starting their B Corp journey, and about producing our first impact report. 

Faye Treffry on the ecommerce masterplan with Chloe Thomas

Chloe Thomas is a great advocate of the B Corp movement and community and uses her platform to educate and inspire businesses working within the eCommerce world to consider their impact on the world and to consider a commitment towards net zero, to take their responsibility to people and planet seriously. We're big fans of Chloe's podcast and were delighted to have the opportunity to join in the conversation, and hopefully inspire a few others to make a stronger commitment to protecting the planet with their businesses. 

You can hear the interview in full via the link here and if it raises any questions for you then please don't hesitate to drop us a line either via the comments below or via email to info@greenandblue.co.uk or on the phone on 01872 858658.

You can also view our new impact report, just released and as discussed in this podcast, via this link and we'd love to know what you think of the report. 

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