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How to clean your bird feeder

How to clean your bird feeder

Here's a quick guide for how to clean your bird feeder using the Green&Blue Birdball seed feeder.

Help to keep birds healthy and happy over winter by providing them with a clean and hygienic food source. Bird feeders need to be cleaned to remove mould, contaminants and to help mitigate the spread of avian diseases, so we recommend that you fill your feeders little and often to keep food fresh and the birds healthy.



How to do it:

  • clean your feeder outside using dedicated brushes, scrubbers and cloths
  • pop on some gloves to keep disinfectant off your hands
  • open up your feeder brush and wipe away any loose and old bird food
  • soak in 5% disinfectant or 1 part bleach to 9 parts water, or 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water
  • we also use boiling water to help kill off any bacteria!
  • use a bottle brush or sponge to get in all the corners
  • rinse, dry and refill wash your hands after!

Some extra, helpful tips!

  • If the birds seem sick near your feeder, wait a week before refilling
  • Multiple feeders help to reduce the risk of too many birds all feeding in the same place
  • Clean seeds up off the ground around feeders so that any other species can’t contaminate dropped bird seed, and to avoid old food going mouldy in damp conditions

Clean your hanging feeders every other week and it is suggested ground feeders every other day!

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