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Make us Smile competition - announcing the winner!

Make us Smile competition - announcing the winner!

Drumroll, please! After much decision making, head scratching and pondering, we have finally chosen a winner of our Make us Smile competition. We were finding the process so difficult that we called on some of our favourite folks we follow on Instagram to help us decide, so our thanks go to the brilliant Benn Berkeley, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, Botanical Tales, fabulous floral artist, Kinship Creative, stylist and Sustainable interior designer and ClaireVictoria Photography, photographer and founder of connect and create - thanks to you all for your help.

And so to the winner... 

The Crawl inn bug hotel

After a tough process and a lot of tick counting the winning image is the fantastic 'Crawl Inn, Bugingham Drive.' Sent to us by Ren Finney who made this amazing bug hotel with the help of his twin boys, this photo made us smile from ear to ear! Congratulations Ren, you win £150 to spend on our website. 

We were seriously bowled over by the quality and quantity of entries and it quickly became clear that we were also going to need some runners up. And so we have chosen three brilliant images to each win £20 to spend on our website. 

Carrie butcher child holding a belle birdfeeder

Our judge Kay of Kinship Creative said of this image, sent by Carrie, "I love this one for the child like wonder and great photo." And we agree, captures a certain magical connection between child and nature, and again, made us smile! 

Bee entering bee brick bee house

This shot was a very close call for first place, with Pandora, who entered this image, being praised for the patience involved in capturing this photograph. 

Long tailed tits on belle birdfeederAnd finally this shot from Alison. Green&Blue co-founder Kate commented, "It's soooo hard as so many have made me smile but I love this one with the long tailed tits, we don't have many around here and I saw one in Falmouth once and was so excited."

So there we have it. Thank you to everyone who entered and made the Green&Blue team, and our fabulous judges, smile - sometimes we all need a break from the bad news in the world and to smile at the beauty of nature, and the Green&Blue range!! We wish we could give everyone a prize, and if this was a photo competition there would have been first prizes for Ian and for Matthew for their stunning shots.

You can see all the entries on our website here and do let us know in the comments below what you think of the winning shots. 

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Bee house.
No visitors.
Not even a buzz at the door!
Swinging bird house
Love it
No visitors -
Not a peep.
Why don’t our insect and feathered friends want to take up
My offer of comfortable, free and distinguished accomodation?


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