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Red, White and Green&Blue - Our platinum plans for the next 70 years and beyond

Red, White and Green&Blue - Our platinum plans for the next 70 years and beyond

Celebrating the best of the past and building our legacy forwards, a message from Gavin our Co-Founder

An anniversary milestone is not just about celebrating the past within the present, but an opportunity to look at how things have changed, and what can be built upon to help shape our own impact for the better. 

When I look at the past 70 years of the Queen’s reign and how much the world has changed, I think about the impact of decisions that were made within that timescale that have led to such a catastrophic loss of wildlife. But it reminds me of the regeneration and forward-facing work we are trying to do here at Green&Blue, and of the hope I see in all of the customers, businesses and collaborators we work with who all share our huge love of the natural world. Every little action helps and we are always inspired, motivated and reassured that we are all trying our very best to put the planet first.

The greater impact of what we do now will be seen by generations to come. For every tree, plant and flower we save, plant or sow, we are thinking about building the future for the next 70 years and individually and collectively making the change we want to see in the world.

We hope that Prince Charles’s interest in sustainability becomes a strong influence on our native ecosystems. The Duchy’s use of Bee Bricks here in Cornwall at Nansledan gives us a sense of pride that there is higher level support for what we do, alongside the community, business and grass roots support we see every day. We know we can never stop striving for those who need our innovations and our wider community who all help us to help make homes havens for wildlife.

Wishing our Monarch a very happy Platinum Jubilee, long may she reign!


Have a spectacular long bank holiday weekend,


Gavin Christman, Co-Founder


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