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retrofitting a bee brick into a block wall

Weekend Project - Retrofitting a Bee Brick

We're often asked about retrofitting our range to an existing brick or block wall, so we put together this quick guide showing you just how easy it is to retrofit a Bee Brick into an existing brick wall.

Here are a few things you need in order to be ready for your retrofit.

Step 1.

Identify a good spot to install your Bee Brick.

Ideally, you should choose a south facing wall and install the Bee Brick at least 1 metre from ground level, with no upward limit, and with nothing blocking the fascia. And near a source of bee friendly planting. (No plants = no bees)

A spot to retrofit your bee brick

Step 2.

Identify the brick that you're going to remove. Drill through the existing brick in several places to weaken the surface. You then need to chip out the remaining brick using a chisel, removing all the rubble and ensuring that if you're working on a wall with a cavity behind that none escapes into this space. 

Step 3.

Prepare the mortar according to the instructions and make a bed joint with the mortar for the Bee Brick to sit on.

Step 4.

Insert Bee Brick into the cavity and cement into place. The fascia has been designed to sit flush with the wall so pointing the mortar around it should be a fairly simple task.

full solitary bee nest in bee brick bee house

Step 5.

From March time onwards (in the UK) keep an eye on the Bee Brick to see if you have any nesting inhabitants - you'll know when there is a full nest because the cavity will be plugged at the front with either leaf or mud, depending on the species. 

Step 6.

Tag us on social as we love to see your Bee Bricks in the garden or home, creating all that lovely habitat for the solitary bees! Let us know how your Weekend Project goes!  

leafcutter solitary bee in retrofit bee brick


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When installing Bee Bricks we recommend leaving a bit of space between them rather than side by side so that you’re not creating a dense aggregation of habitat and nesting bees. Good luck.


A bed joint is a flat layer of mortar prepared for the Bee Brick to lay on top of. Like climbing into a nice cosy bed!


What is a bed joint?

Julie Christy

Hi, I’m about to install two bee bricks in my new build.
Is it best to place them side-by-side or are they best apart?
Many thanks.

Angela Marr

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