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Millican packs for travellers not tourists

Sharing Stories: Millican - A collective of conscious travellers

In this world there are those that say and there are those that do. There are those that you find yourself inextricably drawn to and there are companies you come across where discovery is led by a certain piece of kit that serves you well, and then you find to your delight that when you begin to examine the company more closely, every layer you pull away reveals something even better below. Meet Millican.

Millican bags outside the millican workshop

Founded by two adventurers who first met in the wilds of Ecuador, Millican create lifelong companions for the conscious traveller, for the deep thinker, for those who sense adventure in every footstep. Translated into our worlds here at Green&Blue, they create the bag that Faye from the team uses every day, stuffed full with laptop, lunch and books and carried across Perranporth, from home to work and ready for anything! They create the bag that Kate from the Green&Blue team uses to head out to the coast with the kids and the dog, adventure ready with snacks and layers, drinks and warmth. 

Faye from Green&Blue with Millican bag outside Green&Blue workshop

This is how we discovered Millican and this is good. And then, there was more.  We started to discover more about how many values we shared, about their love of nature, about their mission to do transparent business, to make sustainable decisions for planet and people, to reduce their impact wherever possible. And  now we've watched their beautiful films, we've absorbed their stunning photography and we've lost ourselves in the Millican journal, amongst tales of adventures, of bivvying, travel and conservation. 

Now we're ready to share...

In 2020 Millican have launched a limited edition of their iconic Maverick Collection backpacks, re-developing their fabric from 65% to 100% recycled, whilst as durable and hard wearing as ever. This is a move that will become permanent in time but the limited edition collection is a first step, and features a bespoke graphic print inside each bag from their Lake District surroundings. 

Millican are a company who have been places and who are going places and who want you to go places and to have the kit you need when adventure is calling, even if that adventure is really just making the morning commute more conscious. We'd love you to go and lose yourself amongst their journal for a while, dream of the places you could go and dream of the world we could have if all companies committed to doing business in this way. 

Have you discovered Millican already? Let us know what you think below. 

(And keep an eye out later this month for a chance to win a limited edition backpack from the Millican range - you sign up to be in the know right here)

The Foundations from Millican on Vimeo.

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