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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Why we're proud to be a Small Business in the UK, and ways you can show your support. 

nikki packing orders at Green&blue

In a year like no other, we hope we can all celebrate Small Business Saturday more than ever. A chance to vote with your money or your time for the kind of world you want to live in, supporting small businesses helps your community to thrive, creates employment, feeds passions. Without small businesses and the colour they bring, everything looks the same.

Help us innovate, create, delight and build us all something amazing

This Small Business Saturday and beyond;

Do commit to shop small

Do check out our website

Do phone us to make that order

Do pop in just for a look around 

Do talk about us, it means a lot

Do leave a review, it helps others to find us

Do believe in us, we won’t let you down

Do bare with us, we are only small

Do go the extra mile or click, we certainly will

Do think locally

Do treat yourself


Don’t think of your action as too small, millions of small actions, taken by us all, add up to one big impact.


Things you can do that make a big difference to our small business

Shop on our website

Leave us a review on google

Leave us a review on Facebook

Follow us on instagram and interact with our posts

Follow us on Facebook and interact with our posts

Kate from Green&Blue working in the office

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