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Green&Blue Solitary Bee Week 2022 brand



We’re gearing up to launch Solitary Bee Week which runs this year from 27th June - 3rd July 2022. 

What is Solitary Bee Week 2022?

Solitary Bee Week is a week of action and education to raise awareness of our wonderful solitary bee population. 

How did Solitary Bee Week start?

Solitary Bee Week started in 2018 as a partnership between Green&Blue and the ESI (Environmental and Sustainability Institute) Exeter in recognition of the fact that understanding of bees was limited to honey and Bumblebees and solitary bees were, literally, the unsung heroes of the pollinating world.

What are you asking us to do?

Right now, we are asking you to make a pledge for bees

Green&Blue are trying to raise awareness for our solitary bees but we can't do it alone! Earn your Stripes by pledging to help the solitary bees in one or more of the following ways and you can become a solitary bee hero. 


There are 6 pledges you can take to help our solitary bees:

  1. Plant a seasonal flower or plant - plant a seasonal pollinator friendly plant in your garden, hanging basket or outdoor plant pot.
  2. Leave an exposed area of soil - Do your bit for mining bees by leaving an area of your lawn bare, or building a mound of sandy soil in a border or plant pot.
  3. Build or buy a bee house, such as Green&Blue’s award-winning Bee Brick or make your very own out of recycled materials
  4. Grow a wildflower patch - Allow a metre square patch of your garden to grow wild, sprinkling it with seeds.
  5. Spread the word - Give a short five-minute talk about solitary bees in your local community group or with some friends over coffee.
  6. Record a solitary bee - get involved with a recording scheme, and record a solitary bee in your garden or local park.

How else can we get involved in Solitary Bee Week?

We will be asking you to Wear Your Stripes, sharpen your pencils and write a solitary bee poem or send us your videos and tell us why you love or work on behalf of solitary bees.   

If you are a teacher or a group leader or organiser, or if you are interested in spreading the word about solitary bees within your workplace, we have developed resources to read and an education pack along with on the Solitary Bee Website.

So, whether you're wearing stripes to work, carrying out one of our simple pledge ideas, or joining in the fun on social media, you can Earn Your Stripes and make a difference.

Once the event is underway, we’d like you to share your photos on social media using the #solitarybeeweek hashtag.



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