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Solitary Bee Week wildflowers

Solitary Bee Week 2023

We're excited to be celebrating Solitary Bee Week once more - the best week of the year!

This year Solitary Bee Week finds it's new home within the Buglife family, the perfect people to spread awareness of ALL the bees, the people whose very mission is to save the small things that run the planet! 

Solitary Bee Week was started by Green&Blue back in 2018 after we realised that when people spoke about bees they thought only of honeybees and bumblebees, but actually over 90% of bee species in the UK are solitary bees, we knew it was time for them to have the spotlight! 

Solitary Bee Week roundall

Solitary Bee Week 2023 runs from the 3rd to the 9th July and within the week you can learn, love and share our wonderful solitary bees! You can make a pledge to earn your stripes and bee more friendly (!) or you can wear your stripes and spread the word with us on social media. Even telling 2 people you know about solitary bees can make a difference so let's all spread the word and bee aware.

Making space for nature is one of the best ways to show your love for Solitary Bee Week 2023. Can you buy or build a bee house and give the bees a safe place to nest in your garden. Check out the Green&Blue Bee Brick for a simple and stylish way to make space for the bees in your garden. Or leave a patch of bare earth for the mining bees to nest it, with over 70% of solitary bee species being part of the mining bee family this is a great way to make a difference. 

Bee Brick in a wall


Head over to Buglife to get involved in this years campaign and spread the word, for the solitary bees! 

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