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    Frank, Whistable

    One of our favorite stores in Whistable in Kent has these beautiful books from Andrew Malone... very sweet...
    Andrew Malone lives and works in Whitstable, Kent and has been making books since 2007. Andrew has exhibited at The London Art Book Fair at the ICA in 2007 and the Whitechapel in 2010 as well as with Handmade and Bound, Book Art Bookshop in London, Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam, Doverodde Book Arts Festival in Denmark, Turner Contemporary in Margate, Whitstable Biennale, Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize and Lutyens and Rubinstein in London. He has work in the Tate Britain collection and in a number of Artists Book collections.
    He has recently made work from Observer’s and Ladybird books, postage stamps and cigarette cards that have been made by cutting away sections of the pages to expose the illustrations and make sculptural objects. The act of cutting turns a series of two-dimensional images into freestanding entities that can be read as flip-books or static objects.

    Peter&Paul migrate to the Netherlands

    Our Peter&Paul bird clips are on the move again, this time its off to the Netherlands with our new distributor Marthe Elfring of Uniekkadoos. Marthe has a great collection of products that were over the moon to be joining.