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Gavin at the concrete awards

The award winning concrete Beepost

We are delighted to announce that the Beepost won not only 'Small Project of the year' at the Devon and Cornwall Concrete society annual awards lunch in Plymouth recently, but also picked up the overall prize for ‘Project of the Year 2019.

The Beepost was initially shortlisted towards the end of October 2019 and following this, judges Tasmine Tombs (ICE), John Wilde (RIBA), and Dave Ellis (CECA), travelled over 200 miles from the midst of Somerset to the coastal edges of Cornwall in January 2020 to visit and review all the successful shortlisted projects.
From this trip, four category winners were announced at the Devon and Cornwall Concrete Society Annual Charity Awards Lunch, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Plymouth, with the Beepost, which we design and make in our Cornish workshop, going on to win the top award of the day. 

Gavin at the devon and cornwall concrete society awards
‘All judges were unanimous in their decision that the Beepost was not only a beautifully sculptural design, detailed exquisitely, but was a really clever innovative response in the use of concrete within our ever increasing environmentally challenged environment, and specifically in this case to providing nesting sites for the demising solitary bee population.’ Said Mark Daley, Director of LHC design and one of the organisers of the award.
‘This premise of sustainable awareness in the use of concrete is further emphasised by the fact that the Beepost incorporates 75% recycled local china clay waste as part of its fabrication process. Green&Blue’s creative design approach and insidious research process shows how pushing the boundaries of concrete with an innovative product like the Beepost can be a mighty force in helping with our planets major environmental issues, whilst also adding to the beauty of its landscape’

As a design company we were absolutely honoured and delighted to win these awards. When you consider some of the projects we were up against, it's quite remarkable that the Beepost won and is a fantastic recognition of the innovative ways we use concrete at Green&Blue, and our mission to create more habitat for our wildlife species.

concrete in hands at Green&Blue

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