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cover of the wildlife trusts report on reversing the decline of insects

Wildlife Trusts report calls for everyone to become insect champions.

A new report, released by the Wildlife Trusts, comes with an urgent call to action for all of us, stating that we need to become a nation of insect champions in order to reverse the insect decline. 

The report falls into a landscape of steep declines in insect populations, with ongoing evidence that the future of insects, and all life that depends on them, hangs in the balance. The report finds that “the consequences (of a collapse in insect populations) are clear; if insect declines are not halted, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems will collapse, with profound consequences for human wellbeing.”

bee on flower

Whilst the report makes for an uncomfortable and, at times, alarming read, there is a positive call to action, a rallying cry that it is not too late to reverse declines, but the window is short. 

We urge you to go and check out the report and have a look at the actions that we can all commit to taking within our own households, gardens, and communities. By thinking about how we tend our garden, what we put on it, what we plant and even where we shop we can be insect champions and we can help be part of an ambitious but reasonable solution.

Read the report here

Find out how to be an insect champion here

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