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solitary bee poking head out of yellow bee brick

World Bee Day 2021 - Give bees a home!

May 20th is World Bee Day, and therefore one of our favourite days in the calendar. The awareness day began in 2017 and is co-sponsored by 115 UN Member States, the aim being to raise public awareness and attention of the importance of protecting and preserving bees and other pollinators.

World Bee Day bees Block with solitary bee

We wanted to celebrate World Bee Day and our brilliant buzzing buddies and we thought one of the nicest ways we could do this would be by creating more habitat for our wonderful solitary bees. 

The Bee Cell from the Green&Blue range is a single cell bee house for solitary bees, designed to look great in the garden, on a fence, within a wall, anywhere where there happens to be a little space to make room for solitary bees. 

Bee Cell bee houses in a trio group

We love the Bee Cells but they're hard to get right, believe it or not! As part of our production process, that we're trying to fix, we end up with lots of seconds that still look lovely, still create great habitat but have wonky bottoms (!), chips or air bubbles. We donate some of these to good causes, we sell some in our perfectly imperfect seconds sale and we put some around our workshop outside space but we still have more. 

To mark World Bee Day 2021 we've decided to share the slightly wonky Bee Cell love with you all. So any order placed on Thursday May 20th 2021 will receive a perfectly imperfect Bee Cell as a free gift, with our very best wishes and our desire to make more space for nature. You don't need to enter a code at checkout or do anything special, just place your order on our website, or by phone on 01872 858658 and we'll include the Bee Cell for you. 

Our natural world is in trouble and our wildlife species are in decline, most of us can agree on this. We need stronger policy from government to help us make a difference and to protect our species and halt declines but there's a lot we can all do with our own gardens and in our own lifestyles. Don't wait for government to make the changes, use the power you have already and make your home a haven for wildlife today. And share the buzz about days like World Bee Day - tell everyone you know why they should care!

Hap-Bee World Bee Day from all of us at Green&Blue! 

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