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leafcutter solitary bee on bee brick

World Bee Day - May 20th 2019


World Bee Day was started in 2017, co-sponsored by 115 UN Member States, with the aim of raising public awareness and attention around the world of the importance of protecting and preserving bees and other pollinators. As you can imagine, it's a day we love here at Green&Blue. 

Leafcutter solitary bee on Green&Blue bee block

Whilst it's wonderful that World Bee Day exists and recognises the importance of our pollinators, it's important that we recognise there is still so much to do. We need change at governance level, and awareness to reach every individual in every country across the world. We need to change the way we view our gardens, the way we view our green space and the way we manage the countryside. 

In celebration of World Bee Day, and to help bring a little bit of bee friendliness to your gardens, we're giving away a Kabloom pollinator Seedbom with any order from our bee range today. No code needed at checkout - let's work together and create some space for our brilliant bees.  


For more information about solitary bees check out the solitary bee week website and see if you can pledge to earn your stripes and be a solitary bee hero. Solitary Bee Week takes place from the 1st to the 7th July 2019.


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