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World Wildlife Day - A World Without Nature

World Wildlife Day - A World Without Nature

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day and at Green&Blue we believe that in a world which feels increasingly fraught, with so much to worry about, it's more important than ever that we come together and we find ways to believe in hope, kindness and the power of community. Planet earth is a home to us, humans, but that's a tiny part of the story and its time we stopped believing that we're the most important species and we learnt to place a higher value on the natural world.

That’s why today, on #WorldWildlifeDay, we’re joining brands and sports teams around the world in removing nature from our logo to highlight a #WorldWithoutNature. 

Green&Blue logo without nature

Around a million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction – more than ever before in human history. Swifts are disappearing from our skies, insect populations are plummeting, hedgehogs are facing extinction, sparrow numbers are in steep decline, and these aren't abstract animals that we only see on the telly and in far away countries, these are species that have been a part of our lives and a part of our upbringing for years. A world where Beatrix Potter's Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, the hedgehog washerwoman, is a work of pure fiction is not too far away for future generations.

But there is hope. Focussed conservation efforts are having some positive results. A recent article in the Guardian suggested there is hope for hedgehog numbers in Britain's towns, though rural populations are still facing decline and here in Perranporth, where Green&Blue are based, we're regularly treated to a pair of choughs, testimony to two decades of conservation efforts. 

Sparrow nesting in a swift block

So our message today is not one of despair, we're determined for it to be one of hope. We can have an influence on the world around us, we can all work towards reconnecting people with nature, we can inspire others to care about the natural world in the way that we do, we can educate ourselves, we can connect with the natural world rather than with screens and we can inspire future generations to care.

Don't feel despair this World Wildlife Day, despite the harrowing nature of some of the stats around biodiversity loss and the challenging wider environment we are in, cling to hope and cling to community.

And check out the conversation on social to see the fantastic companies removing nature from their logo's today to highlight the campaign, led by WWF.

More info here.

#WorldWithoutNature #WorldWildlifeDay

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