Nansmellyn Nature Reserve

Nansmellyn Nature Reserve Perranporth Cornwall


Nansmellyn Nature Reserve 


Nansmellyn Nature Reserve is a beautiful spot in our hometown of Perranporth on the North Cornish coast - a place of rare natural beauty right on our doorstep, or at least directly over the road from our workshop. Nansmellyn Marsh is one of the few remaining areas of untouched reedbed in Cornwall and is home to an amazing array of wildlife, including kingfishers, otters, cirl bunting and reed warblers. 

Sadly the reserve has been closed to public access for some time due to the joint challenges of vandalism, in part a result of its hidden away location, and changing water levels due to a nearby mining adit. 

Since 2020 we, Green&Blue, have been working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and their reserves team to come up with a plan (and money) to re-open the nature reserve and to make it accessible for the local community. Recent times have highlighted the importance of these local areas of natural beauty for supporting the health and wellbeing of a community as well as many important species of wildlife. 

Sophie and Alice from Green&Blue in Nansmellyn Marsh Nature reserve



Our dream is to re-open the nature reserve and to make it a cherished part of our local community. We have a staged plan for the recovery of the nature reserve with the first stage including improving signage and fencing to make the reserve more accessible and visible and then with later plans to improve the boardwalk and look at a change of route to make the journey through the reserve a circular route.

The reserve is small, just 5 hectares, but it is beautiful. It provides an oasis of calm within our coastal resort, which at the height of summer can feel anything but calm! And the reserve provides vital habitat to multiple species. It is a special place that those lucky enough to have visited cherish and love, and which would be appreciated by the wider community and visitors. 


Green&Blue becoming nature reserve guardians for cornwall wildlife trust 


Reserve Guardians. 


At Green&Blue, we are reserve guardians which means the support we give Cornwall Wildlife Trust is focussed on Nansmellyn, it's a brilliant shift in their business supporter scheme meaning that the funds we donate can be more visible to us as a team, and more local.


Now, we need your help


We can't do this alone! And this is where we'd love your support. We are donating funds and team hours to the nature reserve project but there is more to be done and ambitious plans. We have created a Just Giving page where you can make a donation to the reserve and we have also added a reserve donation as a product on our website, you can add this to your shopping cart along with your order and we will ensure 100% of this donation is put in the Nansmellyn Marsh nature reserve fund.

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If you're a business that would like to support the reserve project then do get in touch, you can email us or call us on +(44)1872 858658.


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