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    Gavin from Green&Blue operating the shredder for the shred project

    Sustainability at Green&Blue


    Excuse the pun, but sustainability isn't just a buzz word for us at Green&Blue, it's front and centre of every business decision we make and every thing we do. 

    Surrounded by the natural environment, where the ocean is our playground and the rivers, trees and green spaces of Cornwall are our sanctuary on busy days, we can't help but be inspired each day to do everything we can to protect our environment, to make responsible decisions, to be curious about what might happen if we did things a little differently, to question the status quo.

    From working with charity partners, supporting local causes, reducing waste within the business, we're on a journey to be the best version of ourselves we can be, to be a truly sustainable Cornish business.

    As a certified B Corporation we have a truly transparent measure of our commitment to being a business with purpose and meeting the highest standards of business ethics, as set by the B Corp certification process. 

    These are just some of the areas of business where we focus attention to be the most sustainable we can be;

    Product -

    The Green&Blue range is entirely British made - meaning visible supply chains and low product miles. We have worked with the same suppliers since the business started back in 2005. 

    The Green&Blue range is designed to last for many years and we do our best to support our customers with repairs or replacement parts where any issues do arise. 

    The concrete range is made within our own Perranporth workshop, creating local employment and giving us full control. We use 75% waste material from the Cornish china clay industry within our concrete and are constantly reviewing material developments to ensure we are using the best material we can. 

    Workshop -

    Our workshop and office is powered by 100% green energy and heating is managed via a wood burning stove, where we also cook lunch regularly - hot jacket potatoes with melted butter, mmm! 

    We harvest rainwater to use within our production processes.

    We use low impact, natural cleaning products and washing up liquid and buy toilet paper via Who Gives a Crap.

    Office supplies are sourced as responsibly as possibly, always choosing recycled paper for the office and avoiding suppliers who might not fully pay their taxes! Coffee is sourced from local and responsible suppliers and is purchased in large quantities to reduce packaging impact.

    Packaging - 

    Our Shred project has enabled us to remove virgin grade packaging materials from our dispatch process - and has enabled us to work with our local community to remove recycling and extend the life of cardboard.

    Our boxes are UK sourced and made from FSC certified cardboard.

    Our wraps and printed literature are printed with a local supplier who work from a state of the art sustainable building, and who are a carbon balanced printer, winner of the 'UK environmental company of the year' at the PrintWeek Awards. 

    We use brown paper tape to close our parcels. 


    We don't rest on our laurels and that is our promise to you. Sustainability is a journey with no end, and as we learn, as we question and as we grow we will keep this commitment at the heart of everything we do.

    If you have any questions, any ideas or any feedback then please get in touch with our team, we can do more together than we can apart.