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Bird Block | Nest Box

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The Green&Blue Bird Block nest box is designed to encourage nesting for smaller garden birds like blue tits. It can be built into the walls of new buildings or fixed to existing walls using the rear fixing points.

Creating space for wildlife is helpful for nature and rewarding to watch. Blue tits will nest in our gardens and on our buildings and will provide hours of entertainment! 

Blue tits typically have one large brood, some of which may fail to hatch. This is normal and why they have so many eggs. During the nesting season, typically April to May, both the male and female birds will return to the nest to feed the young.

The Green&Blue Bird Block nest box can be built into new buildings or fixed to the surface of walls using a fixing kit. The block must be at least 2 metres from the ground, ideally on a north or east facing wall and positioned away from doors, windows and vents to prevent disturbance.

The beautiful Bird Block nest box is designed and made in Cornwall using 75% recycled materials, features a small entrance space to deter larger birds and predators, rear fixing points so you can fix to a wall, and is a standard UK block size.

If you'd like a quote for installing 5 or more Bird Blocks in your development then please contact us for a quote here.