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Large bee block bee house
large bee block by green&Blue
concrete bee house large bee block full of bees
solitary bee on large bee block by green and blue
yellow bee block bee hotel by green and blue
charcoal bee block bee hotel by green and blue
large bee block bee hotel by green and blue
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Large Bee Block

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*We anticipate that the Large Charcoal Bee Brick will be back in stock in April 2024. Thank you for your patience


Designed and made by Green&Blue, the Large Bee Block is the world's most innovative bee house. A freestanding bee nest that can be placed in your garden or which can also be built into walls to provide additional habitat for solitary bees.

The stylish Large Bee Block bee house makes the perfect addition to a garden or allotment, the perfect way to encourage natural pollination and a great gift for gardeners who love beautiful design.

Each Bee Block contains cavities in which solitary bees can lay their eggs. The bees then seal the entrance with mud or chewed vegetation and the offspring emerge the following spring, repeating this cycle again. Solitary bees aren't aggressive as they have no honey or queen to protect, they will only sting if you mishandle them and even then their stings are not painful, they are therefore safe to encourage around children and pets.

If you are interested in incorporating Bee Blocks into an extension, landscape project, new build, retrofit or other project please contact us for a quote and more info here or visit our commercial website HERE for more information.

Read more about solitary bees here. If you'd like to learn about bee friendly planting then read our blog post on the subject here.