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Sparrow Block | Sparrow Nest Box

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The Sparrow Block Sparrow nest box is designed to create nesting space for house sparrows within the framework of new builds or to be retrofitted within existing properties. 

House Sparrow numbers have rapidly declined in recent years, falling to around half of their original recorded numbers and resulting in the birds being added to the red list of conservation concern. Whilst there isn't a single factor identified as the cause of these declines, experts suggest that providing more habitat will help to build colony numbers.

The 'No Fixing Kit' option is suitable for building the Sparrow Block into new building brick or block work or you can select 'fixing kit' if you intend to fix the block to the surface of existing walls. We recommend the Sparrow Block be placed at least 3 metres from the ground with the opening facing North or East, ideally located under roof eaves and away from windows and vents as sparrows are easily disturbed.

The beautiful Sparrow Block nest box is designed and made in Cornwall using 75% recycled materials. Featuring a small entrance space to deter larger birds and predators, rear fixing points so you can fix to a wall, standard UK block size.

If you'd like a quote for installing 5 or more Sparrow Blocks in your development then please contact us for a quote here.