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sparrow in swift block

A visitor to the SwiftBlock

The Green&Blue range is designed to create habitat for wildlife within our gardens, homes and within new developments.

bee bricks

We designed the Swift Block as a nesting site for swifts, the Bat Block as a roosting space for bats and the Bee Brick as a nesting site for solitary bees. So that's that, those are the species we look after. Well, actually, not really. Nature and wildlife aren't neat. A Bluetit won't approach a space it's found and think, 'oh dear that's designed for a swift, not for me!' You might find all sorts of other species showing an interest in the space you've provided, and isn't that brilliant? Across the board species are in trouble and facing decline, so let's throw open our spaces, our nooks and our crannies and welcome our wildlife in.

house sparrow in a swiftblock

This brilliant shot was captured of a house sparrow making themself at home in a recently installed SwiftBlock on a Custom Developments site in the South West.

Give nature a home.

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