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The Green&Blue 'Be More Curious' campaign

At Green&Blue, We Are Curious.

We like to know where things are made.

We like to know why things are made.

We like to know who made them. 

Being more curious is like a superpower to help us make change. 

Ask questions. Don't accept the status quo. Don't just do something because that's how you've always done it.  Stop. Ask yourself, ask those around you, are we doing the best we can? Could we have less impact? What changes can we make to create a more sustainable future?

If we are curious we can impact change. It starts with a question.

  • Before you buy, ask where it's made. Check About Pages, read the small print. Don't assume. Research and know, buy with confidence. 
  • Share your favourite ethical companies on social media and help inspire others, use hashtag #BeMoreCurious to share.
  • Think about the 'Why?'. Why are you buying? If it's a gift will they love it? Will they be able to use it for many years? Would you love to receive it? If not, do you need it? Will it last you? Will it bring you joy?
  • Look for certification like Fairtrade or organic, is the company a B Corps? These businesses and products will have had to meet the highest standards to achieve these awards.

To us, Being More Curious represents a step-change in the way we think, the way we do business, the way we shop.

Taking a moment to ask a question, to consider the impact we can have, is one of the most powerful things we can do.

Will you join us and #BeMoreCurious ?


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