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About the Beepost

About the Beepost


The Beepost is designed as a beautiful, sculptural nesting site for solitary bees. 

Designed to create a statement in landscape design or a focal point in a bee friendly garden, the Beepost is a piece of art with purpose, creating a lasting home for cavity nesting solitary bees. 

Where in a development? 

Used within landscaping and garden design. 

Situated in proximity to vegetation and sources of bee friendly planting. Safe to be in public areas as solitary bees are non aggressive. 

Where in landscaping? 

South facing with the fascia in plenty of direct sunlight, ensuring no vegetation blocks the fascia. 


At least 30cm must be set into the ground, but you can set more to create different heights and a rise and fall. 


Prepare a hole of minimum 40cm x 40cm and 40cm deep. Put 10cm concrete in the bottom of the hole, set post into the centre of that hole and then backfill around the Beepost and up to ground level with concrete. This is the minimum depth to set the Beepost but you can set them deeper if different heights are desired. 


If it is desired to clean cavities, nests can be checked in October time when nesting activity is finished. Any cavities still blocked from the previous year may be treated as failed and emptied and cleaned. We recommend a tent peg and pipe cleaner for this task. 



Weight: 75kg (excluding packaging) Size: 230cm tall x 12cm deep x 12cm wide. Contains approx 150 cavities. 

All modules Cast Concrete. CEM1 cement, up to 75% waste material from the Cornish china clay industry . cast with waterproofing agent. 

Lead Times. Please contact us to discuss your desired delivery times. Delivery is made via the pallet network.


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I love this idea but live in Australia – are you able to ship these internationally?

Elizabeth Mitchell

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