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Make your Escape to the Country!

Make your Escape to the Country!

If you can't be with us in Cornwall in person, here's the next best thing! 

In the summer we had the delight of being visited by the crew from Escape To The The Country. 

But we didn't let them get off lightly, we wanted them to go away making sure they felt like they'd become closer to nature and so we asked Sonali Shah to help us make a Bee Brick during the tour and intro to what we do (after all, there's no rest and let up in making habitats, we can't make them fast enough!).

If you'd like to see everyone at work, buzz over to BBC One on Monday 3rd October at 3pm, on BBC Two on Wednesday 5th October at 6.30am, or watch on the iPlayer.

Here's where to find it! 

(We think you'll be treated to lots of glorious Cornwall Coast and Countryside shots too!)  

Quick links to products featured in the programme:

BeeBrick - as de-moulded by Sonali Shah in the programme

BeePost - our tall bee column outside the workshop

Press Notes: Fun behind the Scenes filming Escape To The Country at the Green&Blue design studio and workshop in summer 2022. Warming up for the camera, Sonali Shah helps to make BeeBricks, a product which can be integrated within house building to encourage Solitary Bees to nest. Green&Blue has a mission to make Homes Havens for Wildlife and Bee Bricks can be built into new build houses or retrofitted into homes in place of regular building bricks in order to create habitats that support wildlife biodiversity and nurture the success of these 270 different species of native wild bees. Designed with species at the forefront of the design, we show Sonali how the company makes its products here in Perranporth, Cornwall. Green&Blue is a B Corp with sustainability at the heart of every business decision we make and everything we do.

For press enquiries see here.

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Can we have just three bricks of varying colours in an order…an amazing idea and as we live in the beautiful Cotswolds, we’d love a few in our garden ?
Guy and Hilary

Guy Robson

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