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All the Buzz #21

All the Buzz #21


A round up of inspiration; things to watch, things to do, things to make and things to chew!


For us, David Attenborough's speech was the highlight of #COP26. A man who speaks with passion, gravitas, experience and learning. And strikes us with a powerful mixture of fear and hope.


Team Green&BLue with climate pledges

Climate Pledges

Inspired by the protests and direct action around #COP26 we made a series of climate pledges. Small changes that our little team can commit to, but that can make a difference when more people stand together and commit together.


Seal pup rescued by BDMLR


This week Sophie from our team was involved in a seal pup rescue on the beach at Perranporth. Sadly the seal didn't make it but it was an important reminder of the work of BDMLR, a marine charity group. There are lots of ways you can support the work of BDMLR and their Christmas raffle is a particularly nice way to get involved, and maybe win an awesome prize.


Films for action permaculture homepage

Films for action

Trawling Netflix can be bad for the soul! Winter evenings lend themselves to films and sofas but you can still use the time to be inspired. The films for action website boasts the largest library for social change online, raising awareness of important issues with over 4000 documentaries, short films and videos that you can watch for free online. 


The way home by mark boyle

The Way Home

Chris from our team is reading 'The Way Home' at the moment, an account of a remarkable life without modern technology, something some of us dream of! He's promised to lend it to us when he's finished but meanwhile, you can check it out on the link below (World of Books - B Corp certified and they pay taxes, we love to buy books from them or the Wordery 💚)


Nellie running the school litter pick for green&Blue

School Litter Pick

This week we were delighted to host the first Perranporth School litter pick of the term, a great moment for some community action and always a pleasure to see how engaged the school children are. Read all about the litter pick and perhaps think about setting up your own...


Spring bulbs being planted

Thank you.

For reading, we hope you enjoyed our regular all the buzz update. If you want our newsletters delivered straight to your inbox then do sign up via the link below and if you've been eating/reading/watching/listening to something cool then let us know. Hit comments to leave us a reply here or drop us an email to info@greenandblue.co.uk or contact us on social.


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