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Perranporth School Litter Pick

Perranporth School Litter Pick

This week we were delighted to host our first litter pick of the school year with Perranporth school children. 

Perranporth school litter pick

The School litter pick project is something we set up way back in 2018 after parents within our team kept talking about the amount of rubbish they were seeing on the school run. 

With the support of Suez who agreed to provide and collect the bins for free, we have been running termly litter picks with Perranporth school ever since.

We have a whole blog post which explains how we set up the litter picks and how they work, you can read that here. This lays out a step by step guide to how we set them up, we're hoping others will be inspired to set up their own.

Since we started the litter pick we have heard so many positive stories about kids refusing to just walk past litter now, and we're pretty confident this also means they wouldn't dream of dropping litter in the first place. 

Rubbish in perranporth school bin for rubbish and recyclingOur thanks to Sophie from the Green&Blue team and daughter Nellie who arranged the litter pick this term and stood at the gate counting the bags coming in - they were both astounded by the quantity of rubbish collected on one days school journey!

Nellie counts rubbish bags at the Perranporth School Litter pick
Thanks also to Suez for their continued support and for providing prizes for the class collecting the most litter and thank you to Perranporth school and the school community, and of course, the children.
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